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About UsAccess Biologicals LLC is a market leader in the collection and manufacturing of Human-Based Biological products. The markets we support are in-vitro diagnostic manufacturing, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic research & development.

Our production facility and donor recruitment office is located in Vista, CA and our Plasma Donor Center is in Indianapolis, IN called Saturn Biomedical/Access Plasma. Access Biologicals also has the exclusive access to Plasma Donor Centers located throughout the USA where over 8 million procedures are performed in USA FDA-licensed and regulated facilities. Viral testing and donor examinations are performed in accordance with current FDA regulations allowing us to deliver high quality and consistent Human Blood Products.

With our own highly trained Donor Recruiters, Plasma Donor Center and manufacturing facility, Access Biologicals LLC is in a unique position to ensure our customers high quality products and consistent availability. We provide a closed loop system from the collection of blood products to processed finished goods.

Access Biologicals is pleased to announce the rapid growth of our dedicated human specialty donor center, Saturn Biomedical, Inc., based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Saturn Biomedical is uniquely positioned as the largest and newest specialty donor center in the United States, which enables a critical level of support for the plasma & serum industry. FDA licensed since 1998, Access Biologicals’ state of the art facility is able to collect injectable blood products and non-injectable products such as infectious disease, autoimmune, TORCH, cancer markers, coagulation plasma and other specialty products. The donor center is over 15,000 square feet and currently processes over 1,000 patients per week.

In addition to being licensed by the FDA, registered as a Diagnostic Company by the FDA, Saturn Biomedical is also licensed by CLIA. With this highly responsive expansion, Access Biologicals continues to offer the specialty plasma industry a comprehensive closed loop supply chain to meet a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic requirements.

FDA Registration#307234900 Access Manufacturing
FDA Registration # 3006118943 Access Biologicals
FDA License # 1193 Saturn Biomedical
ISO-9000 Certified
IRB #SDP-001


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