Donor Collection Center

Access Biologicals’ dedicated donor center exceeds 2,100 donations per week, increasing supply of high-quality plasma and serum products catered to meet customer specifications.

FDA licensed since 1998, the facility is able to collect injectable blood products and non-injectable products such as:

  • ToRCH
  • Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cancer Markers
  • Coagulation Plasma
  • Therapeutic-grade Source Plasma
  • Red Cell Antibodies
  • Whole Blood – Normal and Diabetic
  • Other Specialty Products

Tour The Donor Center

The Access Biologicals Advantage is further enhanced by our dedicated human specialty donor center, Saturn Biomedical, Inc., based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Saturn Biomedical is uniquely positioned as the largest and newest specialty donor center in the United States.

FDA licensed since 1998, Access Biologicals’ state of the art facility is able to collect injectable blood products and non-injectable as well as other specialty products. Viral testing and donor examinations are performed in accordance with current FDA regulations, allowing consistent delivery of high quality human blood products.

With highly responsive collection capabilities, Access Biologicals continues to offer the specialty plasma industry a comprehensive closed loop supply chain to meet a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic requirements.

  • FDA License # 1193 – Access Plasma dba Saturn Biomedical
  • CLIA Certification ID # 15D0891286 – Access Plasma dba Saturn Biomedical
  • I-QPP Certified
  • All collections are IRB Approved.