Serum Production

Whether you’re in need of a small or large batch of AB serum or other types of serum, Access Biologicals can fill your serum production needs. At Access Manufacturing, we’re capable of producing custom serum orders ranging from 1 L to more than 1,000 L.

Plasma and Serum Preparation Capabilities

Our plasma and serum preparation techniques are widely varied and include defibrination, charcoal stripping, large scale filtration, lipid stripping, diafiltration and heat inactivation. Our serum production and processing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Charcoal Stripping
Large Scale Filtration
Lipid Stripping (several methods available)
Heat Inactivation

Here’s a closer look at our biologics manufacturing process options:

  • Defibrinated Serum is created by processing plasma with chemicals. It is available delipidized (meaning the lipids have been removed and the serum is optically clear), charcoal stripped (meaning the hormone proteins have been removed) or as a combination of the two serum production methods as well.
  • Serology Negative Serum is a form of serum that has been screened and declared negative for serology disease state markers.
  • Hepatitis Negative Serum is a type of custom serum that is derived from plasma that has a bulk pool of negative or non-reactive viral markers as found by Elisa and PCR methodology. This variety of serum production is suitable for negative control matrices.
  • Off-The-Clot Serum is made using whole blood.
  • Pooled Human Plasma is available with various anticoagulants.

Access Biologicals Manufacturing Standard of Excellence

We hold our serum production to a high standard of excellence. Our custom serum undergoes a biologics manufacturing process at our fully auditable facilities and is held in on-site monitored storage to ensure that only the highest quality plasma is used in production of the serum. All our plasma is FDA licensed with complete quality control, donor traceability and RMS documents on file. In order to ensure the quality of our plasma, all shipments are fully inspected for visual clarity and color.

  • Fully auditable facilities & on-site monitored storage, ensuring that only the highest quality plasma is used in production.
  • Plasma is FDA licensed, with complete quality control, donor traceability and RMS documents on file.
  • All shipments of plasma receive a 100% inspection for visual clarity and color against controlled standards.
  • Standard fill sizes: 1 liter and 3.5 liters. 25ml bottle samples are available on orders >10 liters, if requested.

Access Manufacturing Capabilities

Processing of Human Plasma & Off-the-Clot Products

Learn more about Access Biologicals’ Serum Production by visiting our Analytical Testing, Donor Collection Center and Warehousing pages. Feel free to contact us with any questions.