Human ab serum

Human AB Serum

As the only company that directly collects and processes human AB serum from FDA licensed facilities located in the United States, Access Cell Culture is a step ahead of other human serum providers.  We control the human AB serum product from collection to finished product.

Collection of Human AB Plasma from FDA licensed facilities in the U.S.

  • Process is IRB approved
  • Donors sign informed consents and are screened for compliance to 21CFR640
  • Donors receive a physical on site by staff physician

Individual units are sent to serum

  • Units are pooled, bottled and culture-tested
  • Donor medical history and relevant personal data is retained
  • Each unit is tested and found negative for all required viral markers by FDA-approved methods
  • Manufactured in FDA-registered medical device facility

Other Human AB products are available

  • Human AB+
  • Human AB Heat-Inactivated serum
  • Human AB Off-the-Clot

Human AB + Serum

Lacks antibodies against the A and B blood type
antigens, preventing reaction with cultured cells
(specifically if the cells are destined for therapeutic

Human AB + Serum

The Access Cell Culture heat inactivation protocol involves bringing the temperature of the material to 56° C and maintaining this for 30 minutes.

Viral testing (via FDA approved methods) Additional Testing
HBsAG Mycoplasma
HIV – 1, HIV – 2 Endotoxin
HCV USP Sterility
HIV-1 NAT Hemoglobin
HCV NAT Osmolality
Syphilis Chemistry
Parvo DNA Chagas
West Nile Species Testing

Human AB Serum is the serum of choice for work involving:

  • Tissue engineering
  • Transplantation of T-Cells
  • Cell therapy applications
  • Cell line tested for PBMCs, bone marrow, CD9, CD3 and CD33.
  • Recommended for use in biomedical applications involving human cells.

Collection and Production of Human AB Serum

We have a multi-step process for the collection of human AB serum that is IRB approved. Each human AB serum donor is evaluated, briefed on the collection process and given consent forms to sign prior to donation of human AB serum. Human AB Plasma donors also receive an on-site physical by a staff physician.

After the plasma is collected, it is converted into serum. The units are pooled, bottled, and cell-culture tested before being tested for viral markers, such as HIV-1 and HIV-2. Other viral testing of human AB serum includes HbsAg, HCV, HIV-1 NAT, HCV NAT, HBV NAT and Syphilis.

Uses Of Human AB Serum

Human AB Serum lacks antibodies against the A and B blood type antigens, which prevents reaction with cultured cells and is recommended for use in biomedical applications. Human AB serum  is regularly used for tissue engineering, transplantation of T-cells, cell therapy applications and cell line testing for PBMCs, bone marrow, CD9, CD3 and CD33.   In addition, human ab serum is the main growth media used is CAR-T cell therapy applications included in many current clinical trials.

Alternatives To Human AB Serum

Due to the lower cost, normal human serum is often used as an alternative to Human AB Serum. However, it should only be used in circumstances where A and B blood type antigens don’t require antibodies.   For instances where alternatives to human ab serum are appropriate, Access Biologicals offers a product called Humacell for these applications.

Ordering Human AB Serum

Our human AB serum for cell culture is available in lot sizes ranging from 1L to 250 L.

Please contact us to get a quote on the price of human AB serum or to place an order for human AB serum or other blood plasma products. Our team will provide you with details on how we can customize our human AB serum cell culture products for your individual specifications if required.