Cell Culture Products

Human AB Serum

  • Access Cell Culture, a division of Access Biologicals, is the only company to directly collect and process human AB serum at FDA-licensed facilities located in the US.
  • Collections are IRB approved
  • Donors sign consents and are screened for compliance to 21CFR 640
  • Full FDA viral testing
  • Lot sizes from 1L to 500L available.
  • Available with Human Thrombin.

Human AB Serum: Converted

  • Our human serum is collected from donors meeting the health requirements established by 21CFR 640, subpart G via plasmapharesis. These individual units are converted to serum and then pooled, filtered, bottled and cell culture tested for mycoplasma, endotoxin, and USP sterility. Each individual unit is tested and found negative for all required viral markers via FDA-approved methods as well as HTLV I/II and West Nile Virus.

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Human AB Serum: Off the Clot

  • Our Off the Clot AB serum is collected from healthy male donors in the United States at FDA licensed facilities. It has been allowed to coagulate naturally and contains no anticoagulants or preservatives.

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Human AB Serum Heat-Inactivated

  • Our heat inactivation protocol brings the temperature of the material to 56° C and maintains this temperature for 30 minutes. Some precipitate may be evident, which can be removed by filtration, if desired.

Animal Sera Products

  • Access Cell Culture offers a variety of animal sera collected under strict USDA protocols.
  • As a member of the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA), we pride ourselves on full traceability and products of consistent quality.

Fetal Bovine Serum

  • Collected aseptically at USDA licensed facilities, produced under cGMP guidelines in an ISO certified, FDA licensed facility.
  • Each lot is fully traceable by collection date/location and is 9CFR 113.53 tested.
  • Triple 0.1 µm filtered, Endotoxin <10 EU/mL, Mycoplasma negative, low IgG.
  • Lot sizes up to 2,000 Liters.

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Mouse Serum

  • Collected from healthy mice of the KM strain in China.
  • 0.2 µm filtered, Mycoplasma, sterility and virus tested.
  • No preservatives added.

Donor Horse Serum

  • Collected from controlled donor herds located in the USA.
  • 0.2 µm filtered, Mycoplasma, sterility and virus tested.

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Calf Serum

  • Collected from calves less than 12 months old.
  • 0.1 µm filtered, sterility, Mycoplasma, 9CFR 113.53 & virus tested.
  • Manufactured under cGMP guidelines in an FDA licensed facility.

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