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Human Male AB Plasma-Derived Serum

Our Human Male AB Plasma-Derived Serum is collected from donors meeting the health requirements established by 21CFR 640, subpart G via plasmapheresis. The plasma is collected at FDA licensed facilities in the US. These individual units are converted to serum from plasma using our proprietary process under cGMP in at ISO certified manufacturing facility.

Human Male AB Serum: Off the Clot

Our Human Male AB Off the Clot AB serum is collected from healthy male donors in the United States at FDA licensed facilities. The raw material has been allowed to coagulate naturally and contains no anticoagulants or preservatives. The units are pooled and processed under cGMP at an ISO certified manufacturing facility.


Is a non-AB human serum meant for use on human cells where FBS is being used. It is 100% mixed gender, mixed blood type human serum manufactured using our proprietary process under cGMP in an ISO-certified facility.

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