Can be used for cultivating various types of human cell lines where Male AB serum is not required.

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HumaCell is a non-AB human serum that is mixed gender and mixed blood type.

It is suitable for use in regenerative medicine where Male AB is not needed, it can also be used in cryopreservation and other various therapeutic applications where mixed blood type serum is acceptable.
Humacell is a non-AB human serum meant for use on human cells where FBS is being used. It is 100% mixed gender, mixed blood type serum manufactured using our proprietary process under cGMP.

Suitable for use in regenerative medicine, cryopreservation media and therapeutic applications.

  • Each Individual unit is tested and found negative for all required viral markers using FDA-approved methods:
    • Testing at CLIA certified labs
    • HIV-1, HCV, HBV, Parvo B19, and HAV by Nucleic Acid Test, Anti-HIV 1 / 2, Anti HCV, HBsAg & Syphilis
    • Additional testing provided by Access: Zika, Chagas, WNV, Anti HBC, Mycoplasma, Endotoxin, USP Sterility, Hemoglobin, Osmolality, pH, Chemistry, and Species Testing
    • Additional testing available upon request
    • .1µm sterile-filtered
  •  Heat Inactivation and gamma irradiation available upon request
    • Gamma irradiation is through a validated process
    • Virus validation study completed March 2019

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