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Access Biologicals offers a range of human-derived serum products for various cell therapy & regenerative medicine applications.
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Cell Therapy Products:

Human Male AB Plasma-Derived Serum

Our Human Male AB Plasma-Derived Serum is collected from donors meeting the health requirements established by 21CFR 640, subpart G via plasmapheresis. The source AB plasma is collected at FDA licensed facilities in the US, manufactured using our proprietary process, under cGMP at an ISO certified manufacturing facility.
  • Human Male AB Plasma-Derived Serum is the serum of choice for work involving human cells: Tissue Engineering, Transplantation of T Cells & Cell therapy applications
  • Available with Bovine Thrombin or Human Thrombin.

Human AB Serum: Off the Clot

  • Our Human Male AB Off the Clot AB serum is collected from healthy male donors in the United States at FDA licensed facilities. The raw material has been allowed to coagulate naturally and contains no anticoagulants or preservatives. The units are pooled and processed under cGMP at an ISO certified manufacturing facility.


Is a non-AB human serum meant for use on human cells where FBS is being used. It is 100% mixed gender, mixed blood type human serum manufactured using our proprietary process under cGMP.

All Human Serum products can be heat inactivated and gamma irradiated.

  • Our heat inactivation protocol brings the temperature of the material to 56° C and maintains this temperature for 30 minutes. Some precipitate may be evident, which can be removed by filtration, if desired.
Gamma Irradiation:
  • Our Gamma Irradiation process is fully validated with a completed virus validation study. More information can be obtained by contacting us at info@accessbiologicals.com or by completing our Contact US Page.

Do precipitates cause damage to my cells?

Precipitates can naturally be found in serum from any manufacturer. Although it can affect the appearance and photo-micrographic documentation, precipitates have not been shown to affect performance or to have any impact on cultured cells.

What causes precipitates in sera?

  • Fibrin appears as larger particles (up to 1mm) and visible to the naked eye. Blood must be collected, chilled and processed quickly. Occasionally, not all of the fibrinogen is transformed into fibrin before filtration. These particles can form during frozen storage as well.
  • Calcium phosphate particles appear as fine cloudiness in serum. This precipitate will appear as fine black dots.
  • Other material which can occur in serum include other protein and cholesterol precipitates.

Which conditions may increase the quantity of precipitates?

  • Heat inactivation of serum
  • Extended Incubation at 37ºC
  • Repeated freeze and thaw cycles
  • Thawing without mixing
  • Long term storage at 2-8ºC
  • Storage in self defrost freezer
  • Gamma irradiation

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